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Manfred Schwarz - Austria
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SbigControl - Actual Release V1.3 Rev. 1f

This innovative software is a low cost alternative control program for your SBIG astronomic camera
  • Free Update - Lifelong
  • Supports Adaptive Optics AO and also AO-X (some other programs do not support it)
  • Sequence – you can define your full imaging program of an object for a night and let it work automatically
  • Re-find guide star – if a guide star is lost, sbigControl can find it again automatically Dithering
  • Automatic save of images in an automatic created folder structure
  • Automatic change of guiding exposure time during guiding, if star brightness changes
  • Automatic find of optimal Flatfield exposure time
  • Open shutter during guiding without imaging (most software turns the shutter permanently)
  • Selectable acoustic alarm for end of image, end of sequence or error condition
  • Log file for imaging, with time stamps and much more data
  • Many user changeable parameters to customize the software for your needs
  • Support of ASCOM focuser (auto-focus), rotator and telescope mount
  • Download DSS or STSCI image of your target in the size of your chip to get an idea of the target area
  • Easy to use
SbigControl is developed by a user (me) who has worked over the last 15 years with Sbig cameras
Much more features, please test it!

System requirements
Windows 7 with .Net Framework 4.5 or Win 8 or Win 10 (.Net look at Downloads)
Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributeable 2013 (look at Downloads)
ASCOM 6.1 or higher (look at
min. 2GB memory, min. 1024x768 pixel screen resolution, better more,
Free download of Demo software with complete functionality in Download area
(except saving images)
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