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Patience The Harp Android

Please search for: Patience Manfred Schwarz at Google Play Store or click on the link

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I have learned this solitaire game 15 years ago with real cards and have never found the same in the app store.
So I decided to realize it by myself and give you also the chance to play it.

The harp (German: Die Harfe) is played with 2 sets of cards (104 cards) and 8 storage places.
There are only 3 rounds allowed, so you can only turn the stack 2 times.
1st round, 3 cards are moved from the left to the right stack.
2nd round 2 cards and last round card by card.
You can only move all open cards of a field column at the same move to another field column, no parts of it.
It is not allowed to move cards from the storage back to the field.

You get a top 10 list with play times.
A "Pause" button holds on the game time, if you have to break the game for a while.
If all cards are open and no card is on the stack, a "Solve" button click brings all cards to the storage places.
An "Undo" button allows undo of the last action.

Android 4.1 or higher is needed!

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