Registration - VEGA Spectroscopy Symposium

Vega Spectroscopy Symposium
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VEGA 2022 - Registration

The registration becomes valid by paying the conference fee (look at table below).
Additionally we ask you to send an email to Manfred Schwarz, with your name and country.
Please inform us, if you are interested on a common reservation of a hotel in Anthering (look at section Hotels).

The conference fee includes the lunch and the drinks for May 26, 27 and 28, as well as coffee and sweets between the talks.
The hotel is not included.

There are different grades of conferences fees, depending on the date of registration (look at table below).
Limit of the number of participants: 120

Registration is valid by paying the conference fee in following ways:
a) Money transfer to our bank account:
  Bankname: Raiffeisenkasse Bad Sauerbrunn
  Country: Austria
  Account: Verein BAA Projekte
  IBAN: AT463300001001821701
b) PayPal:

Terms of conditions of a cancellation of registration:
If you have already paid the conference fee and you want to cancel the registration, it depends on the date of cancellation:
Cancel of registration until March 15, 2022: refund 80%
Cancel of registration between March 16 and May 1, 2022: refund 50%
A refund after May 1, 2022 is not possible. But if there is a weighty reason for your cancellation, please contact Manfred Schwarz and we will find a way.
If you have decided to make the hotel reservation over us (bulk reservation), you have to ask directly at the hotel if a cancellation fee is required.
The refund will be done in the same way as you have paid (bank account or PayPal).
COVID reasons of cancellation:
If the Austrian government prohibits the event about COVID, the full fee will be refunded minus € 10 manipulation fee. The same applies if you cannot come to Austria due to COVID restrictions.

Pre-Registration (no further pre-registrations are possible):
Pre-registration was possible until November 30, 2021. A pre-registration after November 30, 2021 is not possible.
If you are pre-registered, you are allowed to pay a 10% lower conference free as not pre-registered. Please look into the table below for the fees.
The exact conference fee depends on the date of registration (money transfer to the bank account or to our PayPal account).

Valid until:Conference Fee
Late RegistrationApril 1 to May 14, 2022€ 280
Last Chance RegistrationMay 15 to May 26, 2022€ 320
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