Program - VEGA Spectroscopy Symposium

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VEGA 2019 - Program

Thursday May 30, 2019
10:00 H. Pühringer & M. Schwarz: Conference opening
10:15 H. Pühringer: School projects & future of VEGA spectroscopy
11:00 Prof. Dr. Ph. Bennett (Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS, Canada): Two Decades of Observations of the Eclipsing Red Supergiant Binary VV Cephei
14:00 M. Schwarz: Workshop (I) - Reduction and calibration of spectra
15:00 Th. Bauer: Spectrophotometry of Gaseous Nebulae
16:00 Prof. Dr. Ph. Bennett: The Enigmatic Yellow Supergiant Binary epsilon Aurigae
17:00 Dr. M. Dubs: Calibration of meteor spectra

Friday May 31, 2019
10:00 Prof. Dr. A. Miroshnichenko (University of North Carolina/Greensboro): Long-term spectral variations of selected bright Be stars and binarity
11:00 Dr. R. Hanuschik (ESO): Present and future of spectroscopy at ESO
14:00 R. Gümperlein MSc: Method for automated wavelength calibration of spectra via robust pattern recognition
15:00 Prof. Dr. G. Handler (Nicolaus Copernicus Center Warsaw): The interiors of massive stars as seen with the space missions BRITE & TESS
16:00 Prof. Dr. A. Miroshnichenko: The nature and evolutionary state of dust-making objects with the B[e] phenomenon
17:00 G. Avila & C. Guirao: Presentation of the prototype of our latest fiber-linked echelle spectrograph: requirements, performances and results

Saturday June 1, 2019
10:00 E. Pollmann: The precession of Pleiones disk
11:00 M. Sblewski: Workshop (II) - Reduction and calibration of spectra
14:00 F. Cochard: The most interesting spectroscopic instrumentations in amateur spectroscopy
15:00 E. Pollmann: Hα profile observations of the Be star ζ Tauri

After each talk and workshop there will be enough time for questions and discussions.
Night visits of the observatory are possible. Participants' own instruments may be used in the facility.

Conference language: English

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