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Manfred Schwarz - Austria
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SpectroCalc2 - freeware to process spectra from the RAW images to the final spectrum


SpectroCalc2 is an easy to use and intuitive tool, which builds up the work-flow of the whole processing of a spectrum with following steps:
  • dark frame correction (with master-dark builder)
  • flat frame  correction (with master-flat builder)
  • interactive spectrum scan automatic
  • interactive sky background remove automatic
  • scan of reference lamp spectra with correlating parameters to the spectrum
  • alignment automatic for all single spectra with wavelength shift (subpixel alignment with 0.01 pixel resolution)
  • interactive wavelength calibration automatic
  • post processing tool with different features:
    • crop function
    • instrument response remove feature
    • continuum remove feature
    • EWA calculation
    • S/N calculation
    • heliocentric correction
    • BeSS header parameter builder
    • normalize function
    • interactive telluric remover, with a possibility to correct single lines with extra parameters
    • Titel and comment editor (automatic titel and legend builder)

The tool is designed to get a high accurate result with clear and transparent algorithms.

SpectroCalc2 is an improvent of SpectroCalc. It is more flexible and with more functionality, but needs more computer resources.
If you want to work with previous SpectroCalc, which needs less resources, please click on this link: SpectroCalc (first edition)

For Windows 7 or higher


Tutorial Part 1

SpectroCalc2 Tutorial Part 1
Tutorial Part 2
SpectroCalc2 Tutorial Part 2
Tutorial Part 3
SpectroCalc2 Tutorial Part 3
Example Video
SpectroCalc2 Example Video

Equivalent Width Measure, Continuum Normalize, Telluric Remove
SpectroCalc2 Video: EW - Normalize -Telluric
Please report problems or missing features: ms@astrophoto.at
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