If you have a slow internet connection, check the “slow” box. In this case GoBang looks not so often to the information on server. But the reaction will be slower after your partner has set a stone until you will see it.

Select your name in the drop-down list “my name” and the name of your partner in “partner”. If the list is too long for comfortable handling, you can also write the names in the “my name” and “partner” fields.

Press “connect”.

Enter your password and press the “enter” key.

The blinking symbol right of “Connect” button symbols the internet access. Internet.jpg

If your partner is not connected, you will see following message:

If your partner press or had already pressed “connect”, you will see:

You will see the game statistics: won / lost / draw

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place a stone

remove stones of your partner


send messages to your partner


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