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Manfred Schwarz - Austria
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SpectroCalc is a freeware for processing spectral exposures from the RAW data to the finished processed spectrum.

SpectroCalc is an easy to use and intuitive tool, which builds up the work-flow of the whole processing of a spectrum with following steps:
  • dark frame correction (with master-dark builder)
  • flat frame  correction (with master-flat builder)
  • interactive spectrum scan automatic
  • interactive sky background remove automatic
  • interactive continuums remove automatic (normalization)
  • scan of reference lamp spectra with correlating parameters to the spectrum
  • alignment automatic for single spectra with wavelength shift
  • interactive wavelength calibration automatic
  • post processing tool with different features:
    • crop function
    • EWA calculation
    • S/N calculation
    • heliocentric correction
    • BeSS header parameter builder
    • normalize function
    • interactive telluric remover, with a possibility to correct single lines with extra parameters

The tool is designed to get a high accurate result with clear and transparent algorithms.

For Windows 7 or higher

Please report problems or missing features: ms@astrophoto.at

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